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The Election of a Lifetime

While Unions have reached a new high in favorability in the United States, they are still battling uphill against a mountain of money from big business and elected officials that [...]

The Importance of Prevailing Wage

With record unemployment and the growing need for safety on the job, it is unfathomable that governors, legislatures and the Trump administration would look to weaken Davis-Bacon standards, better known [...]

Strength in Unity

The slogans of court packing and corruption are the same slogans Trump and his brethren used four years ago to distract us from moving ahead. The slogans are meant to [...]

The Productivity–Pay Gap

From 1979 to 2018, net productivity rose 108.1 percent, while the hourly pay of typical workers essentially stagnated—increasing only 11.6 percent over 39 years (after adjusting for inflation). This means [...]

Workers Under Fire

Businesses, contractors, even our local, state and federal governments have been taking advantage of workers in the United States for decades. From low wages, to discrimination, to unsafe working conditions, to the simple mindset of always putting profits over people, in increasing and alarming ways employers have shown that they view their employees as expendable liabilities rather than responsible, skilled, and hard-working people worthy of their respect.

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