Businesses, contractors, even our local, state and federal governments have been taking advantage of workers in the United States for decades. From low wages, to discrimination, to unsafe working conditions, to the simple mindset of always putting profits over people, in increasing and alarming ways employers have shown that they view their employees as expendable liabilities rather than responsible, skilled, and hard-working people worthy of their respect.

Over the years many businesses and the politicians they fund (again, at every level of government) have written, supported, and voted for laws and regulations designed to benefit the wealthy and the connected at the expense of workers’ wages, safety and dignity. And, to make matters worse for workers, they have been packing the courts with “business friendly” judges, giving workers little recourse for atrocities through the legal system.

With all of this stacked against them, what are workers to do? The first step is awareness. Most of us are too busy with our everyday lives – with work, families, volunteer work, etc. – to keep track of these nefarious tactics and the bad actors behind them. That’s why the Workers Under Fire website exists. Here you will find a collection of news articles and stories chronicling the many misdeeds of greedy and heartless employers from across the United States (yes, we name names). We encourage you to use this information as you make decisions about your workplace and in the voting booth.

It is our aim to show that incidents of worker abuse and neglect are not rare isolated incidents, but instead part of an ongoing attack on the rights of workers in every state across the nation. To that end, (unfortunately) this website is updated often. Please share this site and information with your friends, family and coworkers. The only way we can reverse this horrible trend is to start holding THEIR feet to fire.