“Not only were they not advising the workers of the risk of COVID exposure at their facility, but they also didn’t follow the CDC guidelines when COVID first hit,” Cordova says of the Greeley plant managers. “They were really trying to keep the workers in the dark—they wanted workers to continue to work and work and work without advising them of the risk of potential exposure in that facility. It was all about forcing these workers to keep their heads down, their eyes closed, and to continue to work in a really dangerous situation.” – National Resources Defense Council

For the last seven months we have known that this disease is deadly and can be spread by people working in close contact without masks or PPE. When companies knowingly allow employees to be exposed to situations where they can be infected, requiring them to choose between a paycheck and their safety, then something needs to be done. OSHA needs to step in, the Department of Labor needs to step in.

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