Due to this untrammeled “free market” approach, price gouging is rampant, and the cost of vital equipment is skyrocketing thanks to what New York Governor Andrew Cuomo described as an eBay-style competitive bidding war that has been playing out between states and with the federal government, due to Trump’s refusal to use his powers to stop this deadly competition for life-saving goods. – DESMOG.com

Your state government is being forced to compete with entities of the federal government for needed supplies during this pandemic. We have seen no leadership or response from the federal government, so states are forced to go it alone. That means they have to compete on the open market for PPE, and the competition between states and the federal government is driving up the demand, and in turn the costs, which then will be passed onto the citizens when the states need to repay the money they are being forced to borrow.

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